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By means of targeting the fundamental rules the typical participant isn't just given a operating wisdom of the endgame but in addition a enterprise origin on which to additional enhance his or her curiosity and process during this interesting level of a chess online game. the writer, a Russian Grandmaster and endgame professional, takes the reader from the main hassle-free checkmates, in the course of the exploitation of positional and fabric virtue, correct as much as the research of tangible endings from grasp play.

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8 ... c S ! 9 d xcS iLxcS 1 0 b 4 This loses time after which the ac­ tive position of White's king finally starts to become significant. Black should play something like 2 1 . . 'it>f8 with a likely draw in prospect and not 2 1 . . ltJg4 22 lhd7 Ihd7 23 ltJa4! etc. 22 ltJxdS :'xdS 23 :'xdS :'xdS 23 ... exd5 is better but Black didn 't want an isolated pawn. 24 a4 f6? 96 Endgame Battles Endgame Battles 97 This puts Black in serious trouble as White's rook now penetrates his ranks He should play 24 ...

13 �xe6 fxe6 1 4 lDde4 lDxe4 I S 'iWxdS l:[exdS 1 6 lDxe4 21 ... n bS By avoiding the exchange of rooks Black makes things much more difficult. Aleldtine noted that after 2 1 ... l:[d8? 22 l:[xd8 Wxd8 White plays 23 h4 ! intending to fix Black's kingside with g2-g4-g5. He can then play b2-b3 followed by 'it>d3, lDc3, We4 ; iUd3 and finally advance with f2-f4 ! If B lack takes this pawn White recaptures with the knight and wins the pawn on g6. If Black doesn't capture he loses the e5 pawn. d3 �hS 23 a4!

H5. 43 g4! A very instructive move, reminis­ cent of Alekhine's 32 g4 in the previous section. White takes space on the kingside and sets about fixing a second weakness. 43 ... 'it>e6 White would meet 43 . . Wg5 with 44 h3 h5 4 5 [4+ Wh4 46 g2. e8+ :e7 50 nd8! e8! After the immediate 52 nh8 Black would escape with 52 ... ltxc5 53 dxc5 :a5 54 nxh7+ 'ot>f8. The point is that defending c6 with 52 . . h8 so Black decides to go active in any case. 52 ... bc5 53 d xc5 'ot>d7 54 : h8 '1t>e6 If 54 .

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