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Through targeting the fundamental ideas the common participant isn't just given a operating wisdom of the endgame but additionally a company starting place on which to extra improve his or her curiosity and approach during this attention-grabbing degree of a chess video game. the writer, a Russian Grandmaster and endgame specialist, takes the reader from the main basic checkmates, throughout the exploitation of positional and fabric virtue, correct as much as the research of exact endings from grasp play.

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The 2 Knights Defence is a favorite beginning of membership and match gamers. This consultant presents up to date assurance by way of top specialists; it is going to be crucial interpreting for an individual who performs open video games.

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A revised and up to date version of the traditional single-volume openings reference ebook. The publication comprises overseas figurine algebraic notation and covers each beginning utilizing everyday English names. The creation to every starting offers the key strategic principles and thought.

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However, this move has seriously affected the elasticity of the pawn-structure on this side of the board. by weakening the f3-square. From this point of view. Black is in a better situation: his queenside pawns are more flexi­ ble. Black also has slightly better development. In order to proceed with his queenside play, 78 SECRETS OF CHESS DEFENCE THE SOUL O F CHESS White still needs to connect his rooks and trans­ fer his king to a2. Instead of waiting for the impressive white pawn formation to start ad­ vancing, Spassky prepares to meet it halfway.

B 32 >t;f3 is a shorter transposition to the game. •• As we know, 33 ... 'iWf3+ is more precise. 34 '>l;>d3 "iWdl+ 35 \t>e3 'tlYel+ 36 >t;f3 1-0 The game came to a sudden end here, when Black overstepped the time-limit. However, I could have fought on (because we had an incre­ ment of 5 seconds every move) if I had found an unexpected check in time: M. Gurevich - Marin Batumi Ech 2002 36... "iWhl+ The elimination of this pawn will make the f4- and h4-squares available to the king. How­ ever, as we shall see below, Black can take ad­ vantage of the clearance of the c l -h6 diagonal.

Bdl lZle5 Black has a clear advantage. As Korchnoi points out, Spas sky should have transferred one of the knights to b6, putting White in a critical situation. The rest of the game is not too rele­ vant; Spassky played without a clear plan (see the comment on the 1 9th move) and even al­ lowed his opponent a tactical win at one point. Korchnoi missed his chance and the game was SECRETS OF CHESS DEFENCE 80 adjourned; later, Spassky managed to convert his advantage into a win. We shall now examine the other extreme sit­ uation: instead of using a vanguard of pawns, the attacker throws his pieces into the front line of the battle.

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