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Layout your personal knitted Sampler Afghan! easily decide on any twenty of the sixty styles featured right here and begin knitting. not just will you create an heirloom layout -- you will bring up your knitting knowledge with each sq. you whole.

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Unusual and intriguing designs. C at vividly remembers the moment she learned to tie a knot in the end of sewing thread at age six. " A few summers later, while the family was camping on a sunny river bank, she took a break from chasing bluebelly lizards long enough for her mother to teach her to knit. Being a contrary child, Cat insisted on knitting differently than either her mother or her grandmother, who later helped with the lessons. You may have noticed in the photos that Cat holds the yarn in her left hand, Continental style.

You will only use 3 7 sts; the 2 extra are for security until you "claim" the 3 7 you need. Purl 3 7 sts of the 3 9 sts, using both ends of the same needle. Slide the 3 7 sts to the needle's flexible cable. Pick up the other needle and, starting at the end where you began to purl, slide the needle tip through the first 3 7 of the sts waiting in the waste yarn. W h e n you have 3 7 , slide them all to the needle's flexible cable. Make certain there are 3 7 sts on each flexible cable, not counting the extras.

If you are off by a few, that's quite all right, but you do need an even number. If you have a larger leg than aver­ age, you might want to increase more than this. 39 three needle sizes simultaneously: Cast on 6 3 sts, and knit 2 1 sts on the size 1 , 2 1 on the size 2 , and 2 1 on the size 3 . Purl the 2 1 sts to mark the boundaries. Knit a few inches, then take the 2 0 - s t gauge for each size. It's worthwhile to keep a notebook for recording such things; so if you use that yarn again you'll know your gauge.

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