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Perhaps you work for a company with a separate print department where they use Photoshop or Illustrator, and they want to hand you their files to now animate for video or the web. After Effects also accommodates this type of workflow. After Effects can import Photoshop and Illustrator files several different ways: flattened into a single image, selecting just a single layer to bring in, or as a composition where all of the layers exist as their own footage items which you can then animate and re-arrange.

42 Let’s change the color of the graphical flower to better match the flower photos. tif, and apply Effect > Generate > Fill, which will fill the 42 The Fill effect. image with a new color – initially, a pure red. To better harmonize your elements, pick a color from one of the flower photos. Click on the eyedropper icon next to the Color swatch in Fill’s controls, then click on the green background in one of the photos. Feel free to tweak your initial selection using the color picker. If the flower is now too prominent in the final composite, move to its last Opacity keyframe and alter the final opacity to taste.

41 Copying and pasting the Drop Shadow effect to the title results in a big, soft shadow, as its Scale value is larger than the flower photos. Reduce the title’s Distance and Softness until it looks appropriate compared with the other layers. Lesson 1 — B A S I C A N I M AT ION 30 ĭ Importing Layered Photoshop and Illustrator Files In this lesson, you learned how to build a composition from scratch in After Effects by importing sources, dragging them into a comp, arranging them to taste, and animating them.

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