G. M. Seed, Graham M. Seed's An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in C++ PDF

By G. M. Seed, Graham M. Seed

ISBN-10: 3540760423

ISBN-13: 9783540760429

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Although not primarily a reference manual, one is included. The latest working paper for the ANSI/ISO C++ draft standard (Standard, 1996). If your interests are more up to date then some key journals that feature C++ are: The C++ Report The C++ Journal The C/C++ Users' Journal The Journal of Object-Oriented Programming (JOOP) Object-Oriented Systems Computer Language USENIX (Unix Users' association) conference proceedings: the first C++ Workshop conference in November 1987 marked the start of a series of conferences held by USENIX in October 1988, April 1990, April 1991, August 1992 and July 1993.

Implementation file for class World. tests the Wor ld class by reading a set of objects from a disk file. header file for Shape class. header file for Polygon class. illustrates the C++ input string stream class istrstream. illustrates the C++ console stream class constream. illustrates redirection. illustrates command line arguments and the passing of strings. illustrates command line arguments and the passing of numerics. illustrates command line arguments. illustrates the prin t f () function.

Why choose c++ rather than C? c++ is built on C and is thus a superset of C. The c++ language adds more than just object-oriented programming capabilities to C. For example, compare the c++ new and delete operators with 'equivalent' C user-defined macros NEW ( ) and DELETE ( ) . h> / / printf () II malloe (), free (), exi t () #define NEW(p, ptype)\ if ((p=ptype*) malloc (sizeof (ptype)) NULL) \ {\ printf ("Out of memory\n") exi t (0) ; \ ;\ } #define DELETE(p) i f (p) \ {\ free ((char*)p p = NULL ;\ ;\ } II .

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