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Des paysages nouveaux, aux couleurs crues ; des hommes aux habitudes différentes des nôtres : Maupassant ne pouvait qu'être captivé par ces révélations. Ses positions politiques, son obsession pour le soleil, son goût des autres font l'intérêt de ces récits, qui ont le expertise et los angeles strength des contes. Parfois l'auteur s'inspire des publications, s'ennuie, rêve. .. Mais le vrai est aussi beau que l'imaginaire.

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In a thought-provoking study, Dena Goodman has argued that the salonni`eres were not mere hostesses, but the directors and arbiters of a distinctive Enlightenment culture, enforcing the rules of polite conversation and mediating epistolary exchange. Here sociability was female centred, the Enlightenment gendered as feminine. Unfortunately, Goodman suggests, it was a culture which men were to undermine when they insisted on taking their disagreements into print, and then devised new institutions which excluded women.

The traditional account of les lumi`eres was of course concentrated on one nation, France. But this, to its proponents, was precisely what made the Enlightenment universal, not national. The first to question such an assumption was the Italian historian, the late Franco Venturi. In Paris in exile during the 1930s, Venturi began by writing on the young Diderot and the Encyclop´edie; and he never denied the centrality of France to the Enlightenment. 52 This realisation was transformed after the war into a full-scale programme of research, as Venturi called for a new account of the relation between the eighteenth century and the Risorgimento.

Given a capacity on the part of humanity to ‘polish’ or even (as many followed Rousseau in supposing) to ‘perfect’ its nature, it was widely believed that the progress of society should culminate in the achievement of a new state of civilisation. But given too that the progress of many actual societies had by no means been uninterrupted, few thought 30 The Case for the Enlightenment they had good reason to suppose that progress would end in a state of perfection; like Rousseau, many continued to doubt whether civilisation could ever be made fully secure against ‘corruption’ or ‘degeneration’.

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