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Study the basic foundations and ideas of the Apache HBase (NoSQL) open resource database. It covers the HBase info version, structure, schema layout, API, and management. Apache HBase is the database for the Apache Hadoop framework. HBase is a column family members established NoSQL database that offers a versatile schema version.

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4. The RegionServer processes and dispatches the request to the region responsible for handling the key. MemStore and store files are scanned to find the key. The key, when found, is returned to the client. Figure 2-20. The read path The Read Path Append-Only to Random R/W Each flush of the MemStore creates a new store file. Each file has key/values sorted by a key. Two or more files can contain the same key (updates/deletes). To find a key, scan all of the files with some optimizations. To filter files, the startKey/endKey may be used.

GetBuffer() Returns the byte[] for the KeyValue. To be used on the server side. getKey() Not to be used directly. Used internally for compacting and testing. 21 CHAPTER 2 ■ APACHE HBASE AND HDFS When data is added to HBase, the following sequence is used to store the data: 1. The data is first written to a WAL called HLog. 2. The data is written to an in-memory MemStore. 3. When memory exceeds certain threshold, data is flushed to disk as HFile (also called a StoreFile). 4. HBase merges smaller HFiles into larger HFiles with a process called compaction.

35 CHAPTER 2 ■ APACHE HBASE AND HDFS Random Access For random access on a table that is much larger than memory, HBase cache does not provide any advantage. HBase does not need to retrieve the entire file block from HDFS into memory for the data requested. Data is indexed by key and retrieved efficiently. To maximize throughput, keys are designed such that data is distributed across the servers in clusters equally. HBase blocks are the unit of indexing (also caching and compression) designed for fast random access.

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