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By Michael Stiefel

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This publication provides skilled builders perception had to construct company purposes for Microsoft's .NET platform utilizing C#. huge code examples and a working case examine illustrate .NET recommendations and applied sciences. After an summary of the programming version of the .NET framework, insurance contains the C# programming language, primary themes within the .NET framework resembling home windows kinds sessions and ADO.NET, internet programming utilizing ASP.NET and cleaning soap, and extra subject matters within the .NET Framework together with safeguard and interoperability. Stiefel is a specialist focusing on Microsoft expertise; Oberg is founding father of a company that develops courseware on software program applied sciences.

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Static Methods A method may also be declared static. A static method can be called without instantiating the class. An example we have already seen is the Main method in a class, which the runtime system is able to call without instantiating an object. The Main method must always be static. You call a static method by using the dot notation, with the class name in front of the dot. Because you must call a static method without an instance, a static method can use only static data members and not instance data members.

A private field can be accessed only from within the class, not from outside. 47 48 public class Hotel { private string city; private string name; private int number = 50; // legal in C# private decimal rate; ... Note that in C# you can initialize fields when they are declared. This kind of initialization is not legal in C++. Methods may be declared as either public or private. Public methods are called from outside the class and are used to perform calculations and to manipulate the private data.

1] We discuss C# types, such as float, double, and decimal, later in the chapter. 06m; decimal amount = 2000M; There are two forms for string literals. Escape sequences are not processed for string literals that are prefixed with @. txt"; 35 36 C# Operators and Expressions You can combine variables and literals via operators to form expressions. The C# operators are similar to those in C and C++, having similar precedence and associativity rules. , a++). , a + b). , expr ? x : y). Operators are applied in the precedence order shown in Table 3-1.

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