New PDF release: Arise Ye Starvelings: The Jamaican Labour Rebellion of 1938

By Ken Post (auth.)

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Unemployment would thus not be eliminated as a structural presence within the working class itself. However, if the antagonistic contra· diction between capitalists and workers caused the latter to rise and pull down the former from their dominant position, the capitalists could no longer exist as a class, since they depend for their constant reproduction on exploiting the workers. The basic structure of capitalism would thus be changed. e. given its usual hierarchy of moments) produce ac· tions which maintain its structure.

Now our unity/totality has to combine not only a number of modes, but also modes of different historical origins. To clarify this point, as well as to concretise our discussion in general, we may root ourselves more directly at this point in the historical experience of Jamaica. THE SOCIAL FORMATION AND ITS CONTRADICTIONS 21 THE MODE OF PRODUCTION IN JAMAICA AND THE TRANSITION FROM SLAVERY Trotsky pointed out that 'The development of historically backward nations leads necessarily to a peculiar combination of different stages in the historic process.

Yet, the very nature of their production was an obstacle to this. The poor and middle peasants continued to exist and even to increase in numbers after the turn of the century, and their form of production continued to be largely non-capitalist, dependent upon family labour and reciprocal pooling of work with neighbours. But the increasingly important marketing of peasant produce for export was in capitalist hands, though sale of foodstuffs was still through the higglers. Thus Jamaican agriculture was dominated by capitalist relations at the higher levels of production and in the export-import mode of exchange, but it was an uneven structure, still in the twentieth century based upon two unevenly developed and combined structures of production, rather than one, with those in antagonistic contradiction.

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Arise Ye Starvelings: The Jamaican Labour Rebellion of 1938 and its Aftermath by Ken Post (auth.)

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