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By Gavrila M. (ed.)

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The sphere of laser-atom interactions has gone through astonishing growth lately, due essentially to the appearance of superintense laser radiation. New phenomena were chanced on over a extensive diversity of frequencies, from microwaves to the seen, and to X-rays, which require novel theoretical ways. This ebook features a precise number of overviews of the most recent advances, written via the various top experts. it's addressed to all these lively in those fields, however it comprises enough introductory info to make it helpful for a extra basic viewers. The publication examines the results of superintense laser fields on multiphoton ionization and harmonic new release; covers novel results with ultrashort, subpicosecond laser pulses; gains Rydberg atoms in excessive microwave fields; and offers nonperturbative theories of laser-atom interactions, reminiscent of the Floquet equipment and the time based Schroedinger schooling procedure.

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5 −10 −5 0 5 ct /a 10 Fig. 9. 6. 24) we obtain for the distance between emission and observation r = γ 2rb β cos α + 1 − β 2 sin2 α . This becomes more transparent on choosing the observation position and time z = 0 and t = 0, which results in r = aγ , ct = −aγ , z = −a γ 2 − 1 = −aβγ = −rβ for the distance r (t ), time t , and position z (t ) on the axis of emission. The distance between the creation and observation of the field is therefore γ times larger than the distance a of the observer from the axis, which can be a large number for an ultra-relativistic particle.

5. Calculation of the gradient with respect to rp . r2 = (∂r/∂t ) t is caused by the difference t in time of emission imposed by the β condition that the two photons arrive at the same time t at A and B. Using ∂r/∂t = −cβ we obtain r= β rp − cβ t and r = n · r = n · rp − c(n · β ) t . 1), given by the difference t between the emission times multiplied by the velocity of light, r = −c t = n · rp − c(n · β ) t , which gives the relation t =− On comparing this with t = ∇t n · rp . c(1 − n · β ) rp , we can write for the gradient of t ∇t = − n .

X φ ◦ O • B r P βr ◦ A ◦P a r α E φ d D B z Fig. 7. The cylindrical geometry of the uniformly moving charge. coordinates (ρ, φ, z) with the particle moving along the z-axis and the observer P being at (a, φ, z) as shown in Fig. 7. Owing to the rotational symmetry there is no dependence on the azimuthal angle and we set φ = 0. We assume that a charge passes through the origin z = 0 at time t = t = 0. The vector rp , pointing from the origin to the observer P, and the normalized velocity β are rp = [a, 0, z ] β = [0, 0, β].

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