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By Brevard S. Childs

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This ebook is an exellent selection for each critical scholar of Biblical Theology. the writer presents a extensive view of the concept that, plus offers a truly balanced perception at the present types to procedure Biblical Theology. This e-book would certainly be a good addition in your library!

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1). The rule-of-faith by which Irenaeus sought to establish a framework of interpretation was once thought by scholars to be a baptismal confession (Kattenbusch), but more recent research (Hagglund, 'Die Bedeutung', 103) has confirmed that the rule is a summary 32 PROLEGOMENA of the truth which comprises the faith of the church. It refers to the totality of the faith as the criterion of correct interpretation. It is the content of scripture, but not identical with the Bible; rather, it is that to which scripture points.

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