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In order to open up a file, an enemy piece must be taken by the Pawn on it. The ability to do so — QUEEN, KNIGHT, ROOK AND BISHOP 43 depends very much on the will of the enemy, because he might not put one of his pieces under the threat of capture by this Pawn, But one may compel him to do so by sacriiicing a If he accepts it he gives the Pawn the opportunity piece. to leave the file which it blocked. Another way, is to sacrifice the Pawn but the enemy can choose whichever course is better for him to accept the sacrifice and open the line, or to refuse it and leave the fine closed.

Diagram XXII. move Has half. by angles the the of Knight anything to do with that, and if regular and perFor conor not ? so, is it manent venience moves we of shall bring the the Rook and comer. Bishop line The (Diagram XXIL). s Alove bisects the Angle formed by the Rook's Moves. angle made by of the Rook. a the moves By looking at the diagram it is easy to see that the Knight's move bisects the angle made by Rook and Bishop. The points on the diagram which mark the moves of the Knight bisect the angle made by the Bishop and Rook.

Sometimes it is necessary to attack the Kt P beforehand in order to deprive the advanced R P but the principle is the same the Pawn itself of all support becomes the object of attack. It must be understoood that Kt P, gives an easy opportunity of it, like the advanced to ; — opening the Knight's or Rook's file. Finally, there is a special significance when we try to make the enemy advance his B P, if there is a black Bishop which We have commands the diagonal on which the Pawn stood. THE PIECES AND THEIR CONTROL 32 then such an opening of the diagonal as we have spoken of To before, which has such great importance in the attack.

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