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This publication describes the heritage of the development made in auroral technological know-how and magnetospheric physics through supplying examples of principles, controversies, struggles, attractiveness, and good fortune in a few cases. the writer, a distinctive auroral scientist, absolutely describes his studies in characterizing and explaining auroral phenomena. the amount additionally comprises appealing full-color photographs of the aurora.

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So our conclusion did not get any attention in the community. After much thinking, I proposed to Chapman that I should examine the development of a number of individual geomagnetic storms, instead of a typical or an idealized storm, in an effort to study how the main phase actually develops. It immediately became evident that geomagnetic storms develop in a great variety of ways. 8a (Akasofu and Chapman, 1963). If I had to choose three of the most important figures published in my research career, this would be one of them, although I believe it would be impossible to publish such an unsophisticated figure in the Journal of Geophysical Research today.

The initial magnetic disturbance at “Sudden Commencement” of a magnetic storm can be accounted for, very roughly, by an increase of pressure of the tenuous gas around the Earth. This increase of pressure may perhaps be described as the effect of a wave sent out by the Sun through the tenuous medium. This description would then correspond to that of a stream of particles, while in the presence of a medium the correct description may lie anywhere between an acoustic wave, a supersonic shock wave, or an unimpeded corpuscular stream.

He suggested that the magnetic field lines carried by the solar wind are connected with some of the geomagnetic field lines across the boundary of the magnetosphere. Such a magnetosphere is said to be open, while the Chapman-Ferraro model is called a closed magnetosphere. The difference between the two theories is that Dungey considered magnetized solar wind plasma, while Chapman and Ferraro considered diamagnetic plasma. Dungey envisaged that the connection process, called reconnection, takes place on the dayside magnetopause and that the connected field lines are then XXX transported in the antisolar direction by the solar wind, resulting in the magnetotail.

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