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Even if I agree that one could be scared via the presence of subtle chapters just like the one dedicated to differential geometry, i locate that this e-book is the simplest for an undergraduate point. It starts off with Newtonian mechanics (some wisdom on linear algebra and calculus assumed) and covers all of the primary issues of contemporary mechanics in a rigorous and easy approach, together with a bankruptcy in designated relativity and one other on dynamical platforms and chaos. because it emphasizes the proper position of symmetries, it evidently ends up in quantum mechanics and will be utilized by complex undergrad or graduate scholars attracted to the geometrical foundations of mechanics.
although it is unquestionably no longer the best booklet on hand, when you've got to shop for only one, purchase this!

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1 The Harmonic Oscillator The harmonic oscillator is defined by its force law F (q) = −mω2 q. The applied force is proportional to the elongation and is directed so that it always drives the particle back to the origin. 38) where q0 can be chosen to be zero, without loss of generality. 37) read explicitly F1 = x˙1 = 1 x2 , m x˙2 = −mω2 x1 . 34 1. Elementary Newtonian Mechanics The total energy is conserved and has the form E= x22 1 + mω2 x12 = const . 2m 2 One can hide the constants m and ω by redefining the space and time variables as follows: def √ z1 (τ ) = ω mx1 (t) , def 1 z2 (τ ) = √ x2 (t) , m def τ = ωt .

One sets x = r cos φ + c , y = r sin φ , and chooses the constant c so that in the equation r 2 = (x − c)2 + y 2 = [p − εr cos φ]2 = [p − ε(x − c)]2 the terms linear in x cancel. As long as ε = 1, this is achieved by the choice c= εp . e. an equation of second order containing only the squares of x and y. Here two distinct cases are possible. e. c2 > a 2 . 21 ) describes a hyperbola. The center of the force field lies at one of the foci. For the attractive case (A and p are positive) the branch of the hyperbola that opens toward the force center is the physical one.

The effect of time reversal is equivalent to reversal of motion. All physical orbits can be run over in either direction, forward or backward. There are examples of physical systems, however, that are not invariant under time reversal. These are systems which contain frictional forces proportional to the velocity and whose equations of motion have the form r¨ + K r˙ + f (r) = 0 . e. to a different physical process. The choice det R = −1 means that the rotation R contains a space reflection. Indeed, every R with det R = −1 can be written as the product of space reflection (or parity) P: ⎛ ⎞ −1 0 0 def 0 ⎠ , P = ⎝ 0 −1 0 0 −1 ¯ with det R ¯ = +1, R = P · R.

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