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By Antonio Gramsci

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1881 : Maupassant découvre l'Algérie en rebellion ; il y retourne, ainsi qu'en Tunisie, en 1888. Il voyage également en Italie, en Sicile, en Bretagne. Les articles qu'il donne aux journaux – et reprend pour certains en recueils – nous permettent de suivre le parcours d'un écrivain qui fut journaliste durant toute sa vie littéraire.

Des paysages nouveaux, aux couleurs crues ; des hommes aux habitudes différentes des nôtres : Maupassant ne pouvait qu'être captivé par ces révélations. Ses positions politiques, son obsession pour le soleil, son goût des autres font l'intérêt de ces récits, qui ont le expertise et los angeles strength des contes. Parfois l'auteur s'inspire des courses, s'ennuie, rêve. .. Mais le vrai est aussi beau que l'imaginaire.

Ces textes témoignent de l'originalité des impressions de Maupassant et d'une sensibilité naissante qui éclatera dans ses romans et ses nouvelles.

Selections from the Prison Notebooks by Antonio Gramsci PDF

This identify is being reprinted and should be shipped on 11/24/08

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Xli INTRODUCTION The April strike was provoked by the employers. e. the destruction or emasculation of the That they commissioni interne. succeeded, despite a month's strike by the metalworkers, ten days of general strike throughout Turin and the province of Piedmont, and the organisation of an urban Soviet defended by armed workers, was due not to the huge armed force which was concenĀ­ trated in the city-"an army of police . . cannon and machineĀ­ guns at all strategic points" as Gramsci described it-but to the failure of the Turin comrades to secure the support of the party or trade unions nationally, and to draw in workers outside Piedmont.

I. was total. He had been the most intransigent of the left leaders, and by a long way the first to organise on a national level. S.!. that they could not be restrained from setting up an autonomous communist youth section on their own in August 1920. It was precisely because Gramsci's anti-centrism was as implacable as Bordiga's own that he took so long to face up to the consequences of his dissent from other aspects of Bordiga's leadership. Indeed, he never clearly distanced himself from Bordiga's position on the United Front strategy at all, at least until after his arrest, and then only in part.

I. representative to the Comintem Executive. In the remainder of the year the rift between the Italian party and the Comintem widened yet further. L. gave its support. I. , which in October expelled the reformists and affirmed its adhesion to the Third International. I. With respect to fascism, Zinoviev in his opening address tended to dismiss it as a transitory phenomenon. He concentrated his fire on the social-democrats-whom he now defined as the "left wing of the bourgeoisie". Radek's report on the capitalist offensive, however, was in marked contrast-and may very well have been influenced by Gramsci.

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